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Webinar: Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for #YOs

We invite you all to our next PAAO YO Webinar! This month we will address the current trend of social media. We have sked renowned Ophthalmologists from Latin America to tell us about their experience with social media, what led them to start their own page, and explain to us how it works and what lessons they have learned over the years. This time we will keep our talks in Spanish, so do not miss it!


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Science Communication… Is there training?

Science Communication… Is there training?

As medical researchers, we know that the importance of research is as much about ideas as it is about knowing how to communicate them. Science communication is part of our daily life; as doctors we must inform our patients about their sufferings and treatments, give lectures, write scientific articles or proposals.

A Message From Our Editor

Covid-19 has taken many things away from us, but has given us the blessing of time.  Time to be able to change for the better. I am pleased to announce that we are launching our PAAO-YO website. In this first editor´s Note I will like to share some thoughts that have been hovering over my mind since the pandemic started.

As human beings we have the ability to evolve over time. This allowed us to survive as species, but the capability we have to do this during adversities and especially during crisis, in just the blink of an eye, has everything to do with our generation and its open mind for acquiring new ideas and technologies.

Valentina Franco Cardenas, MD

Editor in Chief

It is said that the pandemic advanced the adoption of digital technologies 6 to 10 years

It is said that the pandemic advanced the adoption of digital technologies 6 to 10 years, ranging from the ways in which we work, communicate, shop, and even amuse ourselves. I believe that one of the aspects of our daily life that has been dramatically changed is education. This time we have had no option. We needed to attend online education such as meetings or webinars if we wanted to gain knowledge, share ideas and keep in touch.

It is in this context, that PAAO-YO webinars were launched. I sincerely encourage you to attend our PAAO-YO webinars, focused on the topics that we believe YOs are most concerned about. Also please check out our scholarships and awards sections. We are sure that you can find inspiring ideas if you want to go abroad, need orientation or even financial aid. We also included a list of our PAAO-delegates in each country so you can reach out for advice or mentorship during your early ophthalmology years.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas, experiences, or articles that you would like to share at the PAAO-YO website or you might be interested in seeing.

Connecting YO´s is PAAO-YO´s mission. We are here for you.

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