Camila Ventura – President, XXII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology

20 October 2022

Dr. Camila Ventura was president of the XXII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology held October 13-15th, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was a milestone for several reasons: 1) this was the centenary congress of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology, 2) Camila was the first woman to hold the position of president of this society congress, and 3) she is the youngest president of this congress.

This 100 year anniversary event, co-chaired by Camila and Aderbal Alves Jr., brought together 353 national and 23 international speakers from Europe, the United States and Latin America, who addressed the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, how to improve the quality of life of patients. More than 1,500 attended the meeting in Rio de Janeiro/RJ – the city where the society was founded.

“I feel very honored for the privilege of co-chairing this historic and unforgettable congress of Brazilian Ophthalmology, marking the 100th anniversary of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology. My emotion is undeniable, aware of the immense responsibility to represent all the women of our country, our Northeastern people, the young ophthalmologists and all my peers from the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology, in this event that is the largest international congress of ophthalmology of 2022!”, Dr. Camilla Ventura.

Camila is director of PAAO-YO activities and PAAO Associate Secretary for Portuguese language 2022-2025.

Erick Hernandez Bogantes MD
Camila Ventura, MD PhD
Retina and Vitreous Specialist


  • Co-Chair of the PAAO YO Executive Committee
  • Associate Secretary for Portuguese language, PAAO
  • Retina and Vitreous specialist at the Altino Ventura Foundation (FAV) and HOPE Eye Hospital, Recife, Brazil
  • Director, Department of Research at the Altino Ventura Foundation (FAV), Recife, Brazil
  • Post-Doc in Ophthalmology at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp – EPM), São Paulo, Brazil


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