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PAAO-YO: Connecting young ophthalmologists around the world

The mission of the PAAO-YO is to provide an opportunity for international Young Ophthalmologists to come together to network from different regions in the Americas and around the world.  We exist to share knowledge and experiences, where passion of elevating patient care and purpose come to together.

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Why should you join us

Webinars & elearning

PAAO-YO virtual learning experience developed based on your needs as a YO.

Scholarships & Fellowships

PAAO-YO Membership gives you access to funds for extending your education

PAAO-YO Mentorship Program

PAAO-YO is collaborating with the ICO on a mentorship program creating connections between senior ophthalmologists and YOs

Networking opportunities

The PAAO-YO is continually developing more ways for YOs to connect.  With social Media, this website, symposiums, networking events and even a special lounge at the congress you will be able to network and collaborate with YOs from around the world.

Other initiatives for PAAO-YOs

PAAO-YO International Publishing

to help train young ophthalmologists on how to get published and to promote the PAAO-YO international publications in our website


a partnership with the AAO will give PAAO-YOs the opportunity to publish articles on the AAO website as well as the PAAO-YO site

PAAO Discounts

receive discounts on async courses and others through our email list.

PAAO-YO Executive Committee

Eduardo J. Viteri Solórzano MD

Eduardo J. Viteri Solórzano MD

Vitreoretinal Surgery Specialist
Linda A. Cernichiaro-Espinosa MD

Linda A. Cernichiaro-Espinosa MD

Vitreoretinal diseases in pediatrics and adults
Bruna V Ventura MD PhD

Bruna V Ventura MD PhD

Cataract & Anterior Segment Specialist
Juan Carlos Ginés Benítez MD

Juan Carlos Ginés Benítez MD

Cornea & Cataract Specialist
Pedro C. Carricondo MD

Pedro C. Carricondo MD

Eye Trauma and Emergencies
Sandra Belalcazar MD

Sandra Belalcazar MD

Glaucoma Specialist

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