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Would you like to see your article or research featured on the PAAO-YO website?  You need to be a member of the PAAO first then email the appropriate person below with your article in English and Spanish if possible.  If you have questions about the process please email [email protected]

YO Website Editor:

Valentina Franco, MD
[email protected]

YO Info Editor:

Marcela Lonngi, MD
[email protected]

YO Scientific Research Publications Coordinator:

Moisés Enghelberg, MD
[email protected]


Are you interested in getting involved with PAAO-YO webinars?

Contact our YO Webinar Coordinator
Nicolás Crim, MD
[email protected]

Mentorship Program

YO Mentorship Program Coordinator:
Julian Venero, MD
[email protected]



Get Involved

Would you like to get more involved with the PAAO-YO?  Contact of your delegate or one of the Executive Committee members or email [email protected]

PAAO Membership Questions

Terri Grassi
[email protected]


Are you having problems managing your email subscription?  Contact Krista Jonas

[email protected]

Website Questions

Krista Jonas
[email protected]


All press inquires should go through
Teresa Bradshaw, Executive Director, PAAO.

Call: (817) 235-3513

[email protected]

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