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Would you like to see your article or research featured on the PAAO-YO website?  You need to be a member of the PAAO first then email the appropriate person below with your article in English and Spanish if possible.  If you have questions about the process please email

YO Website Editor:

Valentina Franco, MD

YO Info Editor:

Marcela Lonngi, MD

YO Scientific Research Publications Coordinator:

Moisés Enghelberg, MD


Are you interested in getting involved with PAAO-YO webinars?

Contact our YO Webinar Coordinator
Nicolás Crim, MD

Mentorship Program

YO Mentorship Program Coordinator:
Julian Venero, MD



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Would you like to get more involved with the PAAO-YO?  Contact of your delegate or one of the Executive Committee members or email

PAAO Membership Questions

Terri Grassi


Are you having problems managing your email subscription?  Contact Krista Jonas

Website Questions

Krista Jonas


All press inquires should go through
Teresa Bradshaw, Executive Director, PAAO.

Call: (817) 235-3513

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