Social Projects in Ophthalmology Around the World

5 November 2020


The purpose of this webinar is to show different projects or foundations that fight against blindness in different parts of the world, treating different pathologies such as retinopathy of prematurity or cataracts, two of the most important causes of reversible blindness in the present.  In addition, this webinar wants to encourage young ophthalmologists to get involved in ophthalmic social projects to help the most vulnerable sectors of our societies. Moderator: Dr. J. Fernando Arévalo (USA) Speakers:
  • Rubens Belfort Jr MD PhD. Cataract project in the Amazon
  • Maria Elena Barraquer Compte MD. Cataract surgeries in Africa
  • Liana Ventura MD PhD. Altino Ventura Foundation
  • María José Montero MD. Orbis Foundation
  • Maria Ana Martínez Castellanos MD. Asociación para Evitar la Ceguera en México
PAAO-YO Coordinators: Dra. Camila Ventura (Brazil), Dr. Nicolas Crim (Argentina) PAAO Coordinator: Dr. Eduardo Viteri (Ecuador) Webinar organized in conjunction with the PAAO-YO.

Webinar in English/Spanish