Gillingham Fellowship Experience:
Dr. Julia de Lima Farah

24 Feb 2020

Coming from Brazil to Canada for (snowy) training!

In 2018, I finished my Ophthalmology residency in Brazil at Santa Casa de Sao Paulo. Inspired by my father, I always had a special interest in Retina. As a senior resident, I realized that Retina was not only an interesting field in Ophthalmology but also my passion.

Along with pursuing a Retina fellowship, the possibility of training abroad always has been a big dream. I decided to take my chances and applied for an international Vitreo-retinal fellowship in Canada.

Matching the Retina fellowship program at the University of Calgary in Canada was my dream coming true. On one hand, because of a different culture, language and, definitely, weather, this opportunity was very challenging in the beginning. On the other hand, it has been a superb growth experience.

Working in such a high quality and efficient public health system has been a great experience.  I have the chance to work and learn with a very professional team of retinal surgeons, uveitis specialists, and ocular oncologists. High volume retina surgery with great focus on the most advanced technology is part of any fellow’s dream, and thankfully, I’ve been able to enjoy that. We participate actively in emergency care of retinal diseases, advanced retinal imaging, research development, and teaching rounds.

Receiving the Gillingham Fellowship award from the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology has been very impactful. I thank the PAAO and the Retina Research Foundation, who sponsors this Pan-American fellowship program, for this amazing opportunity. I am looking forward to the conclusion of my fellowship and returning back home with great training and, hopefully, being able to share the knowledge I have been having the privilege to receive.

Julia de Lima Farah MD
São Paulo, Brazil
Retina Fellow at the University of Calgary