Fellowships Abroad: Should I Stay or Go?.

8 June 2020


The objective of this webinar is for attendees to learn about the experience of PAAO Young Ophthalmologists (PAAO YO) who have done fellowships abroad through the scholarships offered by the PAAO annually. The lecturers made their fellows several years ago, so they can tell how their professional experience has changed since they did it abroad.

My personal experience: what I learned and what I would do differently
Dr. Bruna Ducca (Brazil)

Tips for applying for an international scholarship
Dr. Marcela Lonngi (Colombia)

10 years after my scholarship, was it worth it?
Dr. Arturo Ramírez Miranda (Mexico)

PAAO Coordinator: Eduardo Viteri Jr. (Ecuador)

Webinar organized in conjunction with the PAAO-YO.

Webinar in Spanish